Scott Shane of Comeback Capital

Venture Capital 101 with Scott Shane of Comeback Capital [When Pigs Fly #10]

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Interview begins: 6:23
Debrief: 50:32

This week we’re hosting an upside feed takeover from When Pigs Fly! When Pigs Fly is a podcast covering the Cincinnati business ecosystem on the upside podcast network.

And in this episode, they talk to Scott Shane, the Managing Director of Comeback Capital, to learn precisely what venture capital is, what investment looks like for the investor and the entrepreneur, and why the midwest is underserved in the investment world.

They discuss:

  • Who does Venture Capital? 7:14
  • Exit Event 9:50
  • Industry and Trends in VC 12:36
  • Venture Capital for Startups 19:33
  • Comeback Capital 24:35
  • Effective Storytelling in Entrepreneurship 29:41
  • Demographic for Venture Capital 32:20
  • Pain points 38:19
  • Cincinnati’s Market 40:28
  • Rolling Fund 46:44
  • Tips for Startup Entrepreneurs 49:09

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