what is this?

on upside, we talk to entrepreneurs making a go of it outside of silicon valley.

these entrepreneurs are smart, resilient, resourceful individuals building a company at what many would consider a geographical disadvantage. 

we examine how they are charting a different path, changing their communities, and building impactful businesses with upside.

every episode follows the same format:

i.  we share our research of the company

ii.  we interview the founder

iii.  we create a verbal, hypothetical deal memo

who are we?

we are one part founder, one part aspiring deal maker, two parts midwest startup enthusiasts.

eric hornung

cleveland born, columbus fed. ran away to the big cities (hong kong, shanghai, chicago, nyc). avid reader and future boomerang.

linkedin  /  eric@upside.fm

jay clouse

founder of unreal collective, former coo of tixers (acquired in 2015), and writer. was once told by dave mcclure that our pitch "didn't completely suck."

linkedin  /  jay@upside.fm

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