Your guide to the business community of Cincinnati, Ohio📍

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Your guide to the business community of Cincinnati, Ohio📍

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About the show

About the show

Hosted by Allie Martin and Patrick Bailey, When Pigs Fly is a podcast that uncovers Cincinnati's rich business history from the 1800s to today.

We talk to companies to learn the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, what it takes to grow a successful business, and to simply prost to future innovation.

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Meet your hosts.

Allie Martin Patrick Bailey

Allie Martin


Patrick Bailey

About Allie...

Jersey born. Cincinnati Raised. I’m a Xavier graduate that dabbles in all things creative media. I work behind and in-front of the camera for WCPO’s Cincy Lifestyle, I rile up Xavier fans at the Cintas center as an in-game host, and I'm constantly exploring what the city of Cincinnati has to offer. Running, motorcycles and bourbon are cool too.

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About Patrick...

Cincinnati born and raised. Westsider. University of South Carolina alum (the real USC). Love helping out my communities and I see entrepreneurship as the vehicle to do so. You can always find me at a coffee shop or a good wine bar. Pinot Noirs from Oregon are the best. I am excited to explore more about Cincinnati and how we can continue to improve the city I love!

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What listeners say

What listeners say

A True Learning Experience

"I love that this series is not like a typical podcast about business and entrepreneurship. Upside goes beyond the interview with founders and influencers to dissect what investors look for when investing in an opportunity. Entertaining and definitely informative.”

- iTunes listener awillman30

Very Smart & Deep Content on Investing/Startups:

“I listen to a lot of podcasts and this quickly became one of my favorites. These guys are deep and thorough in their analysis of the companies. They’re also fair and critical where needed so you’re getting a real look at how a potential investor/VC would be thinking. If you’re into the startup/VC space this is a must listen.”

- iTunes listener MikeAlbertdotCo

Love This Podcast:

“Upside teaches you how to think like an angel investor while making you laugh along the way. The start up companies are always very interesting to learn about as well!! Would recommend.

- iTunes listener Gal Pal 1111111

Insightful look into startups outside Silicon Valley

Having worked in both Bar Area and the midwest I have an appreciation for what Jay and Eric are trying to do. I LOVE the format. It's such a different approach towards this style of podcast and interview.

- iTunes listener Brett Jacob B.

Entrepreneurs: Highly Recommend

There's so much happening outside of the Valley, and Upside offers a much-needed perspective. Early stage entrepreneurs always want (and need!) to know what happens during the vetting and diligence process after the pitch, and Jay and Eric openly pull back the curtain. Their candid appraoch and feedback is worth more than its weight in gold. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in the startups community -- whether you're a dreamer, hustler, investor, or all-around supporter. Go team Upside!

- iTunes listener BrianP.

Giving Midwest startups the attention they deserve

Upside gives a unique look at startups outside the major tech hubs, and is long overdue. Great content - it's long and well worth the time spent.

- iTunes listener ntietz

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