Protoball // building a first-person sports shooter indie game [UP086]

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Interview Begins: 8:19
Debrief 46:25

Zachary Spradlin is a co-creator of Protoball, a futuristic first-person sports game merging basketball, soccer, and high tech style. Players athletically jump, slide, run, and dash around the arena trying to pass the Protoball through the opponents goal.

We discuss:

  • Failed Kickstarter Campaign 10:22
  • Protoball and the concept behind it. 12:42
  • Unreal Engine 16:26
  • Needing a Hit Game 19:15
  • Creating Protoball 20:49
  • Game Jam 22:25
  • What makes a good game 23:52
  • Scenes from Protoball 26:02
  • Scoring 30:37
  • Protoball as eSports 32:15
  • Unserved Audience 33:31
  • Free to Play 35:12
  • Funding the game 38:05
  • Game Development vs. Business Development 41:16
  • Protoball open to public 43:50

Protoball was started in 2018 and based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Learn more about Protoball

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