JE013: Happy Labor Day // don’t work too hard

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Eric Hornung 0:00
Hey everyone, this is Eric.

Jay Clouse 0:03
And this is Jay.

Eric Hornung 0:04
And we just wanted to drop into your earphones and say, happy Labor Day. Hope you celebrated with your family and friends. And Jay, I really have no idea what people do on Labor Day traditionally,

Jay Clouse 0:17
I assume that it’s a day of labor, it’s a day of working hard.

Eric Hornung 0:21
I assume that you’re incorrect. I assume that people are at the pool, or at the beach. They’re soaking in the last rays of summer and looking forward to fall, which is my favorite season.

Jay Clouse 0:31
Whatever you’re doing on Labor Day, we didn’t want to give you any extra work by releasing a second full episode this week. So, if you’re jonesing for some Upside, make sure you listen to the episode from Monday, actual Labor Day, gener8tor with Joe Keurgis. Really, really fun episode exploring the gener8tor ecosystem, the Milwaukee ecosystem, and the other cities that gener8tor operates out of.

Eric Hornung 0:54
Yeah, that should generate some good traffic. Nice plug, Jay.

Jay Clouse 0:57
Ah, good, good stuff. And with a new month, with a new quarter, September, comes another upcoming issue of the update, the update: issue three, a very special issue, a different format. We’re excited to share it with you here in a couple of weeks. You can go to to get on that mailing list to be the first to see update: issue three. And I can promise you, you’re going to want to get on that list and see it. We’ve got some fun in store, Eric.

Eric Hornung 1:25
Does your family give presents for Labor Day?

Jay Clouse 1:27
No, no, does you family give presents for Labor Day?

Eric Hornung 1:31
What if they did?

Jay Clouse 1:32
Do they?

Eric Hornung 1:32
No, but, like, that might be a tradition someone has out there. So listeners, if your family gives presents for Labor Day, or even if they don’t, Jay, I would like a little present from the listeners.

Jay Clouse 1:41
And what is that present, Eric?

Eric Hornung 1:43
I would like a five-star rating and review on iTunes. If you listen to the show, you love the show, we would love to continue to grow that ratings and review page on iTunes. So just go on over, smash five stars, and that would be a great Labor Day present for me.

Jay Clouse 1:58
Look at that pander. Love it. Leave us a review, tweet at us Let us know that you left a review, we appreciate it. Pour on the love. Also, let us know what you’re doing on this Labor Day, because obviously Eric and I have no idea what Labor Day is. I think there’s some historical context from a labor union, a labor party?

Eric Hornung 2:17
I want to say it’s a new deal thing.

Jay Clouse 2:19
Well, national holidays, we promise to do a better job of due diligence to understand where you came from. Listener, we hope you enjoy your labor day. Give us a review on iTunes. That’ll go a long way in helping us continue to bring on excellent guest to the show. And you’ll see, this month and next month, two episodes per week, we’re bringing on a lot more coffee chats, and a lot of that comes from the fact that we are a well reviewed show with a good reputation, and you are a part of that! So thank you. Please help us keep it going. Happy Labor Day, Hank.

We want to wish all of the listeners a happy Labor Day and thank you all for their continued support. Thanks to all of the support to date, the upside podcast will have some exciting updates in the coming months, so be sure to tune into the coming content, and if you like what you hear, a friendly review in the iTunes store is always appreciated!