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Jay Clouse 0:01
The startup investment landscape is changing. and world class companies are being built outside of Silicon Valley. We find them, talk with them and discuss the upside of investing in them. Welcome to Upside.

Eric, you’ve done it again.

Eric Hornung 0:30
We’re on to number four Jay. Number three. Number four. I don’t know, I’m losing track already. And we’re just getting started.

Jay Clouse 0:37
The Upside Podcast Network is growing. We introduced our second show about a month ago Lay of the Land, which if you have not already subscribed, you should subscribe in your favorite podcast player right now. That’s a show in Cleveland. But today we’re announcing When Pigs Fly, our new flagship show in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Eric Hornung 0:54
When Pigs Fly is an homage to Cincinnati’s history as porkpolis if you’re not familiar, and there is a kind of insignia of a flying pig, that, you know, there’s some in my kitchen downstairs there all over the city. It’s a very local vibe that I didn’t know about coming from Cleveland.

Jay Clouse 1:13
Tell us about our co hosts on When Pigs Fly.

Eric Hornung 1:16
Our first co host is Patrick Bailey, he was a super listener to Upside. I think he reached out somewhere around Episode 10, maybe in our first year. And he’s been an avid listener ever since. And Allie is the first person in our media company to actually have media experience. Together, they make a really unique combination on the microphones. And Patrick has this startup Gung Honus, where Ali is really interested in local business and scaling and telling the story of the city. So together, this is going to be a different podcast than we’ve heard with Upside or Lay of the Land.

Jay Clouse 1:52
Different how?

Eric Hornung 1:53
It’s going to focus on the history of Cincinnati and tying that to present day growth opportunities. It’s also going to not focus just on startups. So on Upside, we talk mostly to venture backed style startups and things are happening on the fringes of entrepreneurship on Lay of the Land, they’re kind of doing the same in Cincinnati, because of where the hosts interests lie. It’s going to be a little broader than that.

Jay Clouse 2:16
When Pigs Fly introduced their trailer on their feed yesterday, the show will release every Tuesday. We have a link to the show in the show notes. We’re about to play the full trailer for you here on this feed, but we encourage you to subscribe, especially if you’re in the Cincinnati area. Give it a look, Eric, we’ve we’ve produced something close to 200 episodes between the two of us over the last few years. And next week’s episode of When Pigs Fly with Greg Hand got a more glowing compliment of any episode we’ve ever created from our audio engineer Nathan.

Eric Hornung 2:46
Who’s been with us for all 200 episodes.

Jay Clouse 2:50
So call it beginner’s luck, or call it someone who actually has media experience. This is going to be a good one. And you should definitely tune in. But let’s give you the trailer for When Pigs Fly right here.

Allie Martin 3:04
Well, welcome to When Pigs Fly. It’s a podcast that uncovers Cincinnati’s rich business history from the 1800s. To Today, we’re gonna take you on a journey where we talk to companies to learn the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and what it takes to grow a successful business here in the Cincinnati tri state. I’m gonna be one of your co hosts, Allie Martin.

Patrick Bailey 3:24
And I’m your other co host, Patrick Bailey.

Allie Martin 3:26
And we’re very excited for you to follow us on this journey. Because as we said, we’re gonna be taking you on this journey to talk to businesses learn more about entrepreneurship, but also uncover Cincinnati’s rich history in general, which then leads to why we named this podcast When Pigs Fly.

Patrick Bailey 3:47
Yes, and it’s actually lots of reasons. But the first and obvious reason is, you know, porkopolis we were the pork capital, like the pigs running in the street everywhere.

Allie Martin 3:58

Patrick Bailey 4:00
When they put them on the barge, and

Allie Martin 4:02

Patrick Bailey 4:02
They would jump, it would look like they were flying. Hence the term flying pig.

Allie Martin 4:07
Street designated for pigs,

Patrick Bailey 4:08
Which is kind of disgusting that like, just imagine imagining, imagining, like 1000 pigs and there’s all. Nope, I’m glad we live up.

Allie Martin 4:18
That’s that historical element. Right.

Patrick Bailey 4:21

Allie Martin 4:21
Especially for this for the city of Cincinnati.

Patrick Bailey 4:24
Exactly. But then that leads us to, you know, this kind of metaphorical aspect of a final. Yeah, innovation and

Allie Martin 4:32

Patrick Bailey 4:32
Odds. Yeah. And

Allie Martin 4:34
I believe it when I see it.

Patrick Bailey 4:36
Right in the phrase being I’ll believe it when I see a pig fly right or I’ll believe it when pigs fly. And these business owners, these founders, these mom and pop shops, these startups are defying odds to make you know Cincinnati a better place and, you know, do business in this city and they truly are flying pigs that truly unique in their own way and defying the odds.

Allie Martin 5:01
And I think these small businesses, like you said, small, medium, or large, they really encompass who we are as a city. I mean, of course, you know, we have the PNGs, and the GE’s of the world, and plenty of large companies that really make the city great. And then we also have incredible nonprofits like arts work and arts wave. And then these small bars and restaurants that go back, you know, and have these crazy prohibition roots, but they really bring a different culture and life. And also not even to mention sports, right? So you have like the Cincinnati Reds and, and we really touch in the city, which is so unique. And I think this is why we’re also really passionate about this, we touch so many different industries, from the arts, to sports, to, you know, soaps and products, and you name it. And that starts back to the 1800s, we really were a city that sold a little bit of everything when we first started, and that hasn’t really stopped yet. So it’s, it’s gonna be fun to highlight that, and hopefully, you know, continue to engage this conversation with everyone in our community. And in the tri state too. This isn’t just Cincinnati, this is also Indiana, and this is Northern Kentucky, and get everybody’s perspective and opinions and open up that conversation about business and how we can make this city even better and even greater.

Patrick Bailey 6:19
Preach, because that’s exactly why we started it.

Allie Martin 6:23
I get an amen.

Patrick Bailey 6:25
Amen. But you know, that’s why we started this is, like you said, start that conversation? And how can other small business owners or large corporations or media corporations, whoever it is out there, listeners can learn something from this, and then maybe go take action in their own little neighborhoods of the community in the tri state area, right. And maybe you and I can affect change for the better by starting the conversation and then helping people enact it. And like you said, we really want to build that community here. And that’s why we did this.

Allie Martin 6:56
Yeah, and listening to the stories right within our community, because I, I’m a firm believer, this is just my personal opinion that everybody has their own unique story to tell. And especially as a business owner, it’s not always, you know, sunshine and rainbows, even though like when when pigs fly. So there’s, you’re rolling in the monitor a lot of the times, and sometimes that needs to be highlighted, and hopefully, you know, whatever that sparks in who’s ever listening, maybe that’s just like, I can do this to motivation to take action. Or if someone’s looking to maybe even start their own business, or look into a specific industry or company culture, that that’ll give that spark, right.

Patrick Bailey 7:39
Exactly and we know, this is a hard journey to be, you know, help businesses, whether large, medium or small, it’s hard to, you know, go on a grind every day, and especially, you know, we’re just coming off a pandemic, there’s an even more challenges.

Allie Martin 7:53
That’s a thing too.

Patrick Bailey 7:56
We almost forgot about that.

Allie Martin 7:58
Our pig no longer has a launch pad. Right in the runway.

Patrick Bailey 8:03
They’re gonna, they’re gonna have to figure out how do we get off the ground with, you know, the world changing, and I think are the businesses in Cincinnati have, and the people that surround these businesses that are in support these businesses, whether it is you know, in the culture and art side of things to you know, the housing or the sports, you name it, or you know, whether the Chamber of Commerce, you name it, there’s different ways that people have came up to help others. And it’s very inspiring, and I’m excited to explore that

Allie Martin 8:30
Me too. And, you know, on a final, final thought, and a final note, I hopefully this allows both of us to, to number one learn along the way, but also allows us and everyone else, to see how the dots start to connect, and how we actually are all still working together in some shape or fashion. And we’re not probably going to see that right away. But I’m sure we will as time goes on. So we’re really excited. We hope you hope that you join us on this journey of When Pigs Fly and you know what, you know what time it is Patrick?

Patrick Bailey 9:03
What time is it.

Allie Martin 9:04
It’s time to prost to future innovation.

Patrick Bailey 9:08

This week we’re excited to introduce you to the first new show on the upside podcast network: When Pigs Fly.

Hosted by Allie Martin and Patrick Bailey, When Pigs Fly is a podcast that uncovers Cincinnati’s rich business history from the 1800s to today.

We talk to companies to learn the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, what it takes to grow a successful business and to simply prost to future innovation.

When Pigs Fly will air every Tuesday beginning February 2 on the upside podcast network.

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