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Jay Clouse 0:00
The startup investment landscape is changing. and world class companies are being built outside of Silicon Valley. We find them, talk with them and discuss the upside of investing in them. Welcome to Upside. Eric, today is the day the day we’ve been waiting for the day that you have been working so hard towards.

Eric Hornung 0:33
Three years ago, Jay, three years ago, we, you know, just kind of stumbled across the idea of launching a podcast. Did you think sitting here? I mean, it’s literally almost three years to the day. Did you think sitting here three years to the day later, you’d be launching your third podcast?

Jay Clouse 0:50
No, I had no idea. And actually, in putting together this course I’m doing on podcasting. I’m realizing Oh, actually, there’s so much that you don’t know when you’re getting started podcasting that I need to make clear. No, I did not think that did not think I’d be spending so much time in audio. But I’m glad that I am.

Eric Hornung 1:06
Yeah, I think that we saw that firsthand. Over the last what was it six months that we’ve been working with Jeff and Tagan and we saw just all the things that we take for granted now in the podcasting game, picking those up again, it’s been fun kind of reliving it.

Jay Clouse 1:21
So dear listener, if you have not tuned in to last week’s episode, but we’re alluding to here is we at Upside are building a little bit of a podcast network. And we’re launching a couple new shows the next coming months. And our first new show Lay of the Land is launching tomorrow anyway the trailer is launching tomorrow on their feed. But today on this feed, you’re getting the scoop, you’re getting the first listen to the new Lay of the Land trailer. And the first episode will actually air on December 3.

Eric Hornung 1:50
Yeah, and they’ll be releasing weekly every Thursday after that.

Jay Clouse 1:53
We’ve been hard at work, helping Tagan and Jeff get the show off the ground. We’re really excited to get it rolling. So without further ado, we’ll let you listen to this trailer from Lay of the Land. And if this is something that sounds interesting to you, we encourage you to search for a Lay of the Land in your podcast player, give it a follow. It’s also linked here in the show notes. We’d love for you to check it out and listen to episode one, two weeks from now with Ed Buchholz.

Jeffrey Stern 2:22
Hello, everyone. My name is Jeffrey Stern. And I’m a New York City transplant building companies here in Cleveland.

TheTagan 2:28
And I’m Thetagan. An Atlanta born strategist with a passion for creating content to amplify voices.

Jeffrey Stern 2:34
Tagan and I love learning about the Cleveland ecosystem. And if you’re listening to this podcast, we bet you do too. We both moved here to Cleveland to work at startups. And we have had our fair share of ups and downs along the way. And we’re using those experiences to have real conversations about both opportunities and the challenges in Cleveland.

TheTagan 2:54
Jeff and I found from our experience, and talking with local friends, it can be hard to learn about all the Cleveland business ecosystem has to offer Cleveland native or not.

Jeffrey Stern 3:04
And so with that, we’re building this podcast to give you what we would have wanted when we first arrived here in Cleveland, and that’s the Lay of the Land.

TheTagan 3:13
On this show, we’re going to help you learn about new areas of Cleveland, and find a hidden treasure and aspects you’ve already heard about. Every Thursday, we map the Cleveland ecosystem by talking to founders, investors, and community builders. To learn what makes Cleveland special.

Jeffrey Stern 3:32
We’ll talk about Cleveland’s history of innovation with guests like Ron Stubblefield of Jumpstart.

Rob Stubblefield 3:37
It’s so wonderful just watching what Cleveland meant to our institutions to because if it wasn’t for the great startup seeing that Cleveland initially pioneer, Morehouse Spelman, two of the nation’s most prominent and influential HPC news wouldn’t be what they are today,

TheTagan 3:51
We get down into the weeds on organizations, and individuals supporting entrepreneurs of guests like Ed from Start in CLE.

Ed Buchholz 4:00
We’re just trying to build a sustainable community that is led by founders for other founders.

Jeffrey Stern 4:06
And of course, we’ll talk about what makes Cleveland different with guests like Carrie Murphy, A Venture for America.

Carrie Murphy 4:12
Where I see Cleveland standing out is in healthcare and biotech. We’ve got certainly more success in the b2b space. There’s Angel money in Cleveland. I think Cleveland has a ton of current and prospective entrepreneurs.

TheTagan 4:29
So come join us as we map the Cleveland ecosystem and give you The Lay of the Land.

Jeffrey Stern 4:36
Lay of the Land is a podcast on the Upside Podcast Network. To learn more about Lay of the Land, you can check us out at

TheTagan 4:44
Lay of the Land will air every Thursday, beginning December 3, subscribe on Apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

This week we’re excited to introduce you to the first new show on the upside podcast network: Lay of The Land.

Jeffrey Stern is a New York City transplant building companies in Cleveland. And TheTagan is an Atlanta-born strategist with a passion for creating content to amplify voices.

We love learning about the Cleveland ecosystem and, if you’re listening to this podcast, we bet you do to. We both moved here to work at startups, and we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs. We use those experiences to have REAL conversations about both opportunities and challenges in Cleveland.

We found from our experience and talking with local friends it was HARD to learn about ALL the Cleveland business ecosystem has to offer – Cleveland native or not. There is a dynamic network of resource hubs & initiatives that make it difficult for anyone to get a holistic view of Northeast Ohio.

And so, we’re building this podcast to give you what we would have wanted when we arrived in Cleveland: a Lay of the Land.

Lay of The Land will air every Thursday beginning December 3 on the upside podcast network.

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