what to expect as a guest

we are absolutely stoked that you'll be joining us on upside to talk to us about your company!

our goal is to highlight intelligent, resilient, hard-working, and opportunity-seeking individuals like you. we are on a mission to show the world that world-class companies are being built outside of silicon valley -- and you're living proof of that.

pre-interview checklist:
  • plug your computer into a charger

  • if possible, please use corded headphones (earbuds) with a microphone

  • place your devices on do not disturb

  • close programs that may slow your machine down

  • sit somewhere near your router to try and provide the best internet connectivity / signal strength possible

we want the conversation to be comfortable, free-flowing, and exploratory without being invasive. we want this show to be something you're proud of.

we love hearing about your origin story and lessons learned, but we also love hearing about your market understanding and the numbers you're paying attention to.

our show has three segments:

  1. pre-interview conversation (5-10 mins; cohosts)
    • eric and jay independently research the company, industry, and anything else they deem relevant online and via the information you provide. in the intro, we discuss what we've learned.

  2. interview (45-60 mins; cohosts and you)
    • the interview will have three components: your story, your company's story, and the opportunity facing your company.

  3. post-interview (15-20 mins; cohosts)
    • eric and jay will discuss a verbal deal memo. what did we love about this opportunity? what outstanding questions do we still have? what will we be looking for 6-18 months from now?

if there is anything you're uncomfortable sharing, we can avoid that or edit in post-production.

looking forward to talking to you soon!

questions? email us:

jay@upside.fm  /  eric@upside.fm