Hello, hello, hello!

And welcome to the upside podcast – the first podcast finding upside outside of Silicon Valley.

For several years, we've watched the startup momentum building in Columbus, Chicago, Cincinnati, and beyond.

As time passed, we began meeting more and more entrepreneurs who were building companies -- great companies -- here in the midwest. They began raising investment, growing their teams, and even finding big exits.

The two of us spent a lot of time talking about startups, investment, and the potential of places like the rockies, the southeast, and the midwest. 

And now we want to talk to you about it too.

Every episode follows the same basic format:

i.    we share our research of the company
ii.   we interview the entrepreneur
iii.  we create a verbal, hypothetical deal memo

This podcast is our own method of learning more about the world of investing. we'd love for you to join along with us in researching each company, writing your own deal memos, and giving us YOUR thoughts on the guests for this show.

From here, we ask you do two things:

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You'll hear from us next Wednesday when we release our next episode. Here's to finding upside outside of Silicon Valley.

Jay & Eric