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ay Clouse 0:00
Hey friends, this is Jay.

Eric Hornung 0:02
And this is Eric.

Jay Clouse 0:03
We’re recording a short little update behind the scenes episode for you here today because as you may have noticed, and as our audio engineer noticed, and called me out yesterday on Slack, we’ve slowed down a little bit here at Upside over the last couple of months. We’ve had some replay episodes and we want to give you a little bit of an update on what’s going on, what’s going to happen for the the rest of the year here because you deserve that and we want to give that to you.

Eric Hornung 0:30
You know, usually we start with a nickname here, Jay. When we launched an episode and I give you one or you give me one but I think collectively, we’re kind of the burnout boys right now.

Jay Clouse 0:38
Mr. burnout boy himself, we’re also the engaged soon to be married boys.

Eric Hornung 0:45
Right, opposite of burnout.

Jay Clouse 0:48
I don’t know, I think it lends to the burnout quite a bit. But yeah, all that to say we have a lot going on here both within the company and our personal lives.

Eric Hornung 0:57
So we’re not going to be recording as often as we normally have been, we won’t be recording every week, we’ll still have some founder and coffee chat discussions over the course of the next three months. But really, we’re going to be focusing on what we’re calling feed drops. Feed drops are podcasts around the country around the world that we’ve connected with through Upside, who are doing something similar, who we think you as an audience might enjoy, and who we want to spotlight because maybe they don’t get the same visibility as us here at Upside.

Jay Clouse 1:27
This is really in the spirit of the network we’re trying to build anyway, we want to build shows across the country that are showcasing different cities, different startup ecosystems, and what’s happening there. And a lot of these shows are already doing that in their local ecosystem. Now these shows are not on the Upside Network explicitly, Lay of the Land and When Pigs Fly are the only two shows on the Upside Network right now. But this will give you a little bit of a look inside, what we’re thinking about the network, how we’re building it and along the way here in the next couple of months, Eric and I will probably be recording some episodes to show you what we are doing behind the scenes in building the network and supporting some of these shows in local ecosystems focused on different aspects of the startup value chain and finance innovation across the country.

Eric Hornung 2:12
When we started Upside, Jay and I saw that there wasn’t much collaboration between the cities inside the coast or outside of the coasts. And we want to do a little dogfooding here because across the podcasts, there is a community but not a lot of collaboration. So we want to collaborate, we want to lend our channel to others and lead with a good first mentality, we hope that you enjoy that. We hope that you meet some new podcast hosts, you find some new podcasts that you like that are under the radar. And we’re excited about sharing those with you,

Jay Clouse 2:46
You’ll still be hearing from us along the way, just not as regularly as you have here. And who knows, maybe this little bit of break that Eric and I need will actually reinvigorate us and we’ll get back to recording some of these interviews with founders and investors and be sharing them as soon but wanted to give you an honest look at what’s going on. We have a lot going on in our business and personal lives and we need a little bit of a break, and so we’re gonna take it. And we’re going to do it in a way that introduces you to some new great shows, some new great hosts, and hopefully continues to feed your interest in your desire to learn about different startup companies across the country, and what they’re doing.

Eric Hornung 3:26
There is no shortage of stories to be told, we’re happy to keep telling them. And Jay, I’m getting married in December, I’m going on my honeymoon. And when I come back in January, who knows we might be, we might be feeling good and ready to go.

Jay Clouse 3:39
And we might be doing so with a whole host of other shows here on the network or at least in progress. And again, I want to share that story. I want to build in public with the Upside Network and show you what we’re doing behind the scenes to build and support new shows like Lay of the Land, like When Pigs Fly in Cleveland and Cincinnati respectively. And if you haven’t checked out those two shows, those are great couple shows for you to check out Lay of the Land and When Pigs Fly.

Eric Hornung 4:03
You can check them out at layoftheland.fm or whenpigsfly.fm or wherever you listen to podcasts. Couple things for the listeners, a couple calls to action, Jay, if you are a listener of the show and you’re interested in joining the network, we’re still interested in talking to you, you can reach out to us at eric@upside.fm or jay@upside.fm. We’d love to talk about your concept, your vision, whether it’s city based or topic based, whether you want to join the network or whether you just want to talk about the podcast that you’re looking at launching, we love talking to podcasters, we love talking to people building in this space of emerging businesses, startups, brands and franchises that can grow beyond their own geography. Any other calls to action, Jay?

Jay Clouse 4:45
You can also let us know directly by going to upside.fm/network and filling out that interest form that’ll go right to us. We’ll learn more about you and your show but we would love to have a conversation, if that is something you want to start in your local ecosystem. And if you want to start a newsletter, the link is the same upside.fm/network. If you want to start a local newsletter covering your local startup ecosystem, we’d love to help support you in doing that as well. A lot going on Eric, a lot to build, I’m about to go back into finishing our notion database here, another big behind the scenes change that we’ve put into place over the last month or so. But we wanted to say that we appreciate you, dear listener for supporting us over the last three years and your continued support. We just wanted to be upfront with our constraints right now with two weddings on the horizon and a lot going on behind the scenes, taking a little bit of a break from recording but we’ll still be in your feed just showcasing different shows across the country.

Eric Hornung 5:37
Thanks for your understanding and we’re excited to talk to you and share the stories of founders outside of Silicon Valley.

Jay Clouse 5:43
That’s all for this week. Thanks for listening. We’d love to hear what you think about this episode so tweet at us @upsidefm or email us hello@upside.fm and let us know. You can learn more about us and browse our entire back catalogue of episodes at upside.fm. And if you love our show, please leave a review on Apple podcast that goes a long way in helping us bring high quality guests to the show.

This week, we’re sharing a quick update about what’s coming up for the feed for the rest of the year.

Due to some competing life priorities, we need to take a short break from recording new interviews. But our feed isn’t going dark – each week, if we don’t share one of our own interviews, we’ll be hosting a feed drop of other great shows in the startup and investment space.

And along the way, we’ll be jumping in to share how we’re continuing to build the upside network behind the scenes.

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