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Meredith Sugar

Partner / Columbus, Dayton
There is an acquisition offer on the table. It’s feeling really real that there will soon be at least seven digits in a founder’s bank account. How might that founder think about estate planning services?
Both prior to and after exiting a business, what sorts of steps might be taken to fully utilize estate and gift tax exemptions?

Robert W. McDonald

Partner / Cincinnati
What are the preferred instruments for raising capital (i.e. Convertible Debt, SAFE, or equity)?
How do I identify investors that would be a good fit for my startup?
What should an early stage founder consider when selling equity to investors?
What guidelines can you provide early stage founders to ensure they are not violating any securities regulations?
What are the most important terms to be aware of when raising capital (i..e valuation, board structure, dividends, interest rate, etc.)?

Philip Bautista

Partner / Cleveland
Can two Trademarks co-exist? What are other common misconceptions of filing a Trademark?

Kevin Kinross

Partner / Columbus
Can two Trademarks co-exist? What are other common misconceptions of filing a Trademark?
We’ve heard that - in startup land - you should either incorporate in Delaware or your home state. Is Delaware really where I need to incorporate? If a founder wants her company to be a Delaware company, does it have to be physically present there to reap the benefit?

Scot Ganow

Senior Counsel / Dayton
I have limited resources, what are the three biggest pieces of low hanging fruit for data security and privacy?
Are there privacy and data security standards that I should know about?

Devin Spencer

Associate / Columbus
Of course, no one looks forward to firing an employee. But what do founders need to consider before, during, and after firing an employee?
Help us understand the difference between contractors and employees? When does it make sense to hire a contractor vs. an employee?