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hey guys, it's Jay.

every year, SXSW (South-By-South-West) in Austin, TX, holds a massive conference. one of the tracks of the conference is "Interactive" and hosts a ton of programming for technology, entrepreneurship, and more.

the community is able to submit panel ideas and then solicit votes from the rest of the world to support those ideas. a mixture of community voting + SXSW internal scoring determines a large portion of the programming.

Eric and I have submitted two different topics for consideration, and we'd appreciate your support in voting.

SXSW will require you create an account, but it's painless and the spam isn't that bad. if you get an email from SXSW, forward it to hello@upside.fm and we'll click "unsubscribe" for you if you'd like.

more information below, but we'd really appreciate you voting for both before august 30. thanks!


the topics up for discussion...

Geography vs. Investing: Should Location Matter?

The world is as flat as ever. We’ve never been more connected and entrepreneurs everywhere have greater access to the resources they need to start companies.

But even while world-changing companies are being built outside of Silicon Valley, access to the capital these fledgling companies need is still difficult to come by.

At first glance, there appears to be a disconnect in the investment theses in investors on the coasts and those inside the coasts. But looking deeper, we’ve found midwest investors who invest in companies on the coast, as well as coastal investors putting money into midwest companies.

This panel examines the role geography plays in investment, what role it SHOULD play, and how to find the right investment match despite geographical differences.

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Outside of Silicon Valley; Every City is Different

When talking startups, Silicon Valley gets 50% of the fundraising, 90% of the coverage, and 100% of the hit TV shows. Founders outside of "the Valley" fight an uphill battle everyday to procure fundraising, be accepted socially, and procure talent, customers, and - of course - coverage.

Jay and Eric highlight a founder every week on upside, the first podcast dedicated to highlighting founders outside of Silicon Valley. Through this medium, they have met with hundreds of founders, venture capitalists, and community builders from dozens of communities. Every city is unique.

Jay and Eric will walk through what it takes to have a thriving ecosystem outside of Silicon Valley from the perspective of a founder, an investor, and a community leader using real discussions and sentiment.

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