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CC043: James O’Connor of the Pittsburgh Knights // operating a professional esports team (from CES 2020)

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Interview starts: 6:09 Debrief starts: 39:07 James O’Connor is the cofounder and president of the Pittsburgh Knights, a global esports team of 30+ players and streamers, headquartered in one of the most well-branded sports cities in the country. With his knowledge of management, program development, …

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CC024: investing in the picks and shovels of esports and gaming // a Coffee Chat with Josh Chapman (Konvoy Ventures)

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Interview begins: 05:19 Debrief begins: 55:13 Josh Chapman is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Konvoy Ventures. Konvoy is an early-stage venture fund focused exclusively on esports & video gaming. They are dedicated to partnering with and supporting founders in this industry at the earliest …